Improve the sound of vocals.

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What you learned: Add clarity and reshape the sound of vocals

Begin by reviewing your vocals

  • Listen for missing high frequency detail or low emphasis in the low frequencies.

Assign the Dialogue audio type

  • Select your audio, and click Dialogue in the Essential Sound panel to assign this type.

Adjust the Dynamics slider

The Dynamics slider adjusts the amount of compression applied, adding impact to vocals. High settings can distort vocals, so adjust the slider during playback to review the result.

  • Enable Dynamics, and adjust the slider during playback to find the ideal setting.

Enabling Dynamics applies an audio effect to the clip

When you apply a Dynamics adjustment to a clip, a Dynamics Processing effect is applied to the clip and configured automatically. Detailed settings are available in the Effect Controls panel.

Apply the Parametric Equalizer effect

  1. Add the Parametric Equalizer effect to your vocal clip, from the Audio Effects category in the Effects panel.
  2. Access the settings by clicking the Edit button for the effect in the Effect Controls panel.

Reshape audio

  • Adjust the shape of the blue equalization curve in the Parametric Equalizer effect to increase or decrease audio level at specific frequencies.

Tip: When using the Parametric Equalizer effect to reshape audio, the volume is likely to change. Revisit the Essential Sound panel Clarity control to fine tune the setting.


Adobe Stock contributor: Kanit

Presenter: Maxim Jago

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