Create a beautiful seamless pattern based on surreal imagery from Adobe Stock.

Find an object that you can customize

Search for an asset in Adobe Stock and enable the Isolated Only filter to help find solitary objects.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ‘toaster’ shown in search field.

Find a few more related images

Find additional objects to include in your pattern that relate to your main subject.

Adobe Stock images of a toasted bread slice and a bagel.

Remove the background

Using the Select Subject option in the Quick Selection Tool, create a selection and add a Layer Mask to the image layer.

Repeat this process for the other images that will appear in your pattern.

Photoshop file with Adobe Stock image of stainless steel toaster, masked in Layers panel and Library panel with custom colors and images.

Create color variations in one of the images

Add a new solid color fill layer that is clipped into the image layer, apply a custom color, then set the blend mode to Vivid Light.

Repeat this process to create additional color variations, then save each version as a transparent PNG file.

Image of toaster and Layers panel showing multiple solid color layers and the orange solid layer clipped into it and blend mode of Vivid Light.

Import, position, and embed images in Illustrator

Place, rotate, scale, and position your images in Illustrator, then select them and click Embed from the Properties panel.

Illustrator file with images being embedded and Links panel showing images of the different colored toasters, slices of toast, and a large bagel.

Create a repeating pattern

Use the Pattern Options panel to design your pattern, then click Done to add a new swatch to the Swatches panel.

Illustrator file with Pattern Options panel open and images being arranged to create custom pattern.

Apply your new pattern

Create a rectangle the entire size of your project and apply your new pattern swatch.

Illustrator file with Swatches panel open showing new pattern swatch and filled rectangle on the artboard.

Create a gradient background

Apply a Freeform Gradient to another rectangle and choose some light colors, then position the gradient behind the pattern.

Illustrator file with Freeform Gradient being placed behind the new pattern.

The final result

Now you have your own custom themed wrapping paper!

A group of presents on a table wrapped in custom created wrapping paper of fun colored toasters,  toast and bagels.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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