I have registered for Adobe LeanPrint Enterprise Edition. What should I do next?

Adobe LeanPrint has a client component and a cloud dashboard. Download the installer from here and install it on all machines in your organization. After deployment, the print reports will be visible on the dashboard. There is also an on-premise version of dashboard if your organization policy doesn’t allow cloud as an option. Please contact Adobe LeanPrint support for more details.

I have evaluated Adobe LeanPrint Enterprise Edition. Where can I place an order for it?

For details about placing your order, please contact leanprint@adobe.com.

What kind of data is collected for the dashboard reports?

Adobe LeanPrint collects anonymous data with no personally identifiable information to provide print usage and savings report for your organization. This will help you see the print costs and savings by department, achieved due to LeanPrint, and understand potential future savings. If the IT admin wants to see user-wise reports, then only LeanPrint will send names of users to the dashboard. Additionally, anonymous user behavior data is collected to improve the savings and user experience of the product in future versions.

How accurate the cost savings are?

All the cost calculations are done based on the costs provided by the organization though the software provides some default costs based on industry standards. The savings in pages are accurate and the toner or ink savings are based on patented algorithms.

My organization policy doesn’t allow the data to go out of the firewall. Can I use LeanPrint?

Adobe LeanPrint dashboard can also be deployed within the organization. All the clients can be installed within the organization and can communicate with the dashboard installed within the organization. Please contact Adobe LeanPrint support for more details.

Will installing LeanPrint clients congest my organizations network with data?

No. LeanPrint client typically sends minimal print data - around 50-80 kb per day per machine - depending on the level of printing.

How do I check whether the LeanPrint clients are able to connect to the dashboard?

You can see the number of clients who have successfully contacted the dashboard by selecting the Audit Report option in the User Options drop-down. It shows the monthly installations and the active users on the dashboard for your organization.

I need to provide access to some IT Admins in my organization to view our organizations reports. How do I do that?

You can add IT Admins by using the Add User option on the IT Admins tab on the LeanPrint Dashboard page. See Add a user.

Can the reports be sent to me via email?

Weekly auto-generated emails are sent to the users showing their savings summary. You can also request a detailed savings report if required. For more information, please contact Adobe LeanPrint support.

Can I download the reports as a PDF?

Reports from dashboard can be printed to PDF using Google Chrome. With other browsers if you have PDF creation tools such as Acrobat you can generate the PDF reports directly.

I see ‘Browser Not Supported’ message when I visit Adobe LeanPrint dashboard

Currently, the dashboard is supported on the following browsers and versions:

  • Internet Explorer 9.0 and above
  • Firefox 10.0 and above
  • Chrome 17 and above

I have installed the Adobe LeanPrint client but my reports are not visible on the dashboard.

It may take up to 48 hours for the jobs and the reports to appear on the dashboard. If you cannot see the reports even after 48 hours, please contact Adobe LeanPrint support.

I have changed the settings on Dashboard. Do I need to install clients again?

On changing the settings on the dashboard, you don’t need to re-install the clients. The updated settings will automatically reflect on the clients in the next 1-2 days.

I don’t see a printer listed. Can I add it manually?

Currently, LeanPrint doesn’t support addition of printers manually. Printers are added automatically when Adobe LeanPrint client is installed on the machines. If you have a database of printers and your costs, we can help with importing this into the Dashboard. If you believe an installed printer is not visible, please contact Adobe LeanPrint support.

Can I exclude the cost of printing for a file printer from my reports?

Generally, file printers and associated printing jobs are not listed on the dashboard. However, if you see a file printer displayed on the dashboard, you can exclude the cost of printing for the printer from your reports. You can select the file printer and mark it as a file printer, and all printers with the same model will be automatically marked as file printers. Printing usage on those printers will be excluded from your reports.

Can different groups have different settings?

Yes, by default, enterprise level settings are applied to all groups. However, all the settings can be made group specific by editing the group and selecting the Custom option in the group settings.

Can I choose to set up default settings differently for the supported applications?

Currently, the settings made on the dashboard are reflected on all the applications. However, there are a few application specific settings, for example, the N-Up setting for Microsoft PowerPoint.

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