Understanding savings summary


The reports displayed in the Overall Summary page depend on the options you select in the Filter menu and the type of view - cost or pages.

For a selected group, duration, and view, you see three components of costs or paper in the reports:

  • Original Cost/Pages: represents print job costs occurred or number of paper used without LeanPrint, using conventional print.
  • Actual Cost/Pages: represents actual cost occurred or number of pages used with LeanPrint.
  • Cost/Page Savings: represents the costs or number of pages you saved by using LeanPrint.

For each component, you see four pie charts and three tabular reports. And this is true for each component –7 reports for each component, total 21 reports each for Cost and Pages.

By default, the Dashboard reports are displayed by Cost for the entire duration at your organizational level. To see reports for a particular group and a specific duration, select the Group and Duration from the Filter menu. If you want to see reports by pages instead of cost, select Pages in the View by drop-down from the Filter menu.


Let’s view reports by Cost - Original Cost.

  1. Select the following options in the Filter menu:
    • Groups: All
    • Duration: Entire Phase
    • View by: Cost
  2. The Overall Summary is displayed with the Actual Cost highlighted.
  3. Now to highlight and see reports for origianal cost, you can do any one of the following:
    • In the Snapshot summary, click anywhere in the Original Cost bar.
Original cost bar

  • In the Snapshot or Trends summary, click the Original Cost with LeanPrint tab.
Original cost tab

4.  The Dashboard pie charts and tables are displayed to show data with respect to the original cost.

Similarly, you can select a different set of filters, highlight a cost/pages component and see the respective reports.

Trends summary report

Click Trends in the report chart option to see the trends report. The trends report shows you the overall trends of costs and savings over a selected period of time (frequency). Clicking the trends and summary chart tabs/buttons does not affect the pie charts and tabular reports.

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