Dashboard overview

 Adobe no longer makes updates to the Adobe LeanPrint product. For more details, see the Support Options page for discontinued products. 


Adobe LeanPrint Dashboard is a central location where you can track and manage your print costs, usage, and savings. The Dashboard shows a comprehensive visual snapshot and trends of print cost and savings summary for your entire organization.

You can view an estimate of the actual print costs and how much you have saved through LeanPrint for a specific time period. The visual summary of print usage shows how much your organization is spending on various aspects of printing. The Dashboard also shows an estimate of the overall cost and usage metrics for all users, groups, and printers.

Key tracking and reporting features of LeanPrint Dashboard

  • Assessment and savings phase: the assessment phase gives you a sense of your current print environment before you actually deploy LeanPrint in the savings phase. In the assessment phase, LeanPrint works in the background and reports information about your printers, print usage, and the print cost.
  • A single page view of overall costs and saving summary: the savings summary snapshot shows the actual print costs and the savings realized through LeanPrint at the organization level. Additional pie charts show you the original costs, actual costs, and savings by mode, application, color mode, and by MPS and self-managed printers.
  • Organization and group level trends: you can see whether the overall savings trend is going up or down at the overall organization as well as various groups levels. ­­
  • Print cost and usage at a printer level: shows which printer is used to print how many pages.
  • Savings at group and user level: shows savings metrics at a group as well as a user level.
  • Savings by application: shows print usage metrics across applications.

The overall usage, costs, and savings information can help your IT administrators and other decision makers in your organization in discovering future costs trends and savings potential. The administrators can quickly manage IT administrators, printers, groups, costs, and reports.

Key features of LeanPrint Dashboard for administrators

  • Add or remove dashboard users
  • Customize various cost settings for MPS printers and self-managed printers
  • Customize various LeanPrint attributes to balance the print costs with respect to the user experience
  • Add or remove print groups
  • Enable or disable user-level tracking of print usage for reporting

Dashboard Homepage

When you login to the Dashboard, you see the homepage with Overall Summary. Let’s understand the various menu, filter, and navigation options on this page.

LeanPrint Dashboard homepage

  1. Active Enterprise menu: homepage icon, name of your organization, and User Preferences.
  2. Filter menu:
    • Phase – Savings or Assessment
    • Group – All or any other group, Duration – entire phase or a selected time period
    • View – Cost or Paper
  3. Summary bar:
    • Active Installations – how many instances of LeanPrint are installed verses total licensed
    • Print jobs – total print jobs processed
    • Actual Cost – cost of all print jobs processed through LeanPrint
    • Cost Savings – total money saved through LeanPrint as compare to the conventional print
    • Cost Savings – savings percentage through LeanPrint as compare to the printing without LeanPrint
  4. Overall summary chart options: Snapshot through charts and tables, or Trends through bar chart.
  5. Summary report area: displays overall summary as per the applied filters for the selected organization or group.
  6. Left navigation bar: links to access all groups, admins, printers, and additional settings.
  7. Cost/Pages component tabs: for a selected cost/pages component tab, pie charts and tabular reports are displayed just below the tabs area.


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