Managing printers

The Printers section shows you a list of printers with print costs details for each. The section allows you to manage print costs for all listed printers and also specify whether the printer is a color printer, and whether it’s managed by a services partner (MPS).

Managing printers

Tip: To locate a printer quickly, use the Search Printer icon available in the top-right corner of the page.

Understanding Source of Cost: Paper and toner costs are attached to printers using one of these sources - Default values put during the initial set up, or values provided by Admin, or values picked from LeanPrint costs database where the printer name had an Exact match or an Approximate match.

Change details of a printer

  1. Select the checkbox before the Printer Name. You can also select multiple printers to specify the same changes to all of them in one go.

  2. Click the Edit Selected Printers icon .

    The printer details appear under the Edit Printer section.

    Edit printers
  3. Before you change anything, note the following:

    • You are not allowed to change the Printer Name because the name uniquely identifies the particular printer. You can, however, change the Printer Model.
    • You can change the Paper Cost only if the printers are managed internally.
    • The Color Printer option is selected only for printers capable of printing in color. For such printers (only), you can change the Color Page Cost.
    • You can change the Gray Page Cost for both a color printer as well as a black & white printer.
    • Sometimes a checkbox turns blue on click: When the checkbox turns blue, it means that original state of the field will be retained. This is very helpful when somebody has selected a Color and a B/W printer. In that case, this blue state is needed if you do not want to change this field.
  4. Change the values as appropriate, and then click Update.

    Note: Whenever a group is marked as the Cost group, LeanPrint ignore the costs at the printer level and will simply apply the costs assigned to that group for all the LeanPrint clients associated with that group.