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 Adobe no longer makes updates to the Adobe LeanPrint product. For more details, see the Support Options page for discontinued products. 


Adobe LeanPrint adjusts the toner intensity of the content while printing a Microsoft Outlook message. It provides you additional filters to choose a set of messages in a mail thread. You can either filter the mail thread by number of conversations (top few or bottom few conversations), custom date range, or by a sender (one or more senders). You can also choose to print attachments.

In addition, you can select multiple messages as well as a folder to print. In this case, you cannot filter messages. LeanPrint ignores attachments and prints all messages one-by-one.


Adobe LeanPrint plug-in for Microsoft Outlook uses Microsoft Word to optimize a document. Microsoft Word is required on a computer for the Microsoft Outlook plug-in to work correctly.

What’s printed?

Adobe LeanPrint transforms your message a little bit while printing without removing any important aspect of the message or conversation. A mail printout displays the subject, sender name with date & time, and the actual message. In a mail thread, the subject is displayed on the top and then the sender with date & time and the actual messages one-after-other, keeping the latest conversation on top. Other message fields do not show up in the mail printout. For example, the contents of the ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ fields are not printed.

How to print one or more emails?

To print an email, do one of the following:

  • Highlight the email and then choose Print/Quick Print from the File menu or press Ctrl+P or Alt+Ctrl+P. In the dialog box, there is an option to select appropriate Sender and Conversation/Custom date range filters or print the entire message.
  • Right-click the email and click Quick Print. In this case, the message or thread is printed directly on the default printer with default print settings.

To print an email with attachment:

  • If you want to print attachments, select the Print Attachments checkbox in print dialog box, and then click Print.
    • Attachment is always printed on the system default printer irrespective of the printer selected in the LeanPrint dialog. The printer selected in the LeanPrint dialog is effective for email messages only.
    • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, txt, zip, msg (emails), and HTML attachments are printed using LeanPrint, and other types of files are printed conventionally.

To print multiple emails, do one of the following:

  • Highlight the emails and then choose Print from the File menu or press Ctrl+P or Alt+Ctrl+P.
  • Highlight the emails, right-click and click Quick Print.

In multiple emails printing, attachments are not printed and the filtering options are not available in the Lean Print dialog.

To print all emails from a folder:

  • Right-click the folder and choose Print all emails from “folderName”.
    Attachments are not printed and the filtering options are not displayed


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