Printing web pages

You can use LeanPrint to print web pages. Most web pages contain extraneous content that you don't normally want to print: ads, related links, comments, background images, and so on. It is only the main story or article that you're interested in.

Optimizing web pages

LeanPrint removes all extraneous content on the web page and displays a preview in the same browser window. After having a look at the content you can print it. The reading experience is also enhanced because visual clutter is removed, and the main content is formatted and optimized for printing and reading.

All extraneous content from web pages is removed before printing

LeanPrint also gives you an option to exclude images while printing. Text & Images, and Text only modes are supported.


LeanPrint for Web does not have Super Saver and Toner Saver modes.

Web pages may contain a single story (a news story, a single blog post, and so on) or several blocks of content (blog page containing multiple articles etc). Based on the web page you're viewing, LeanPrint detects if the page contains single or multiple stories or articles. If the web page has multiple articles, you can exclude some articles from printing.

Single and multiple articles

Not all web pages are printable. When you use LeanPrint on pages unsuitable for printing, a message is displayed. For example, a web page that contains pure Adobe Flash-based interactive content, or a home page that contains only links and ads, will display a message that it is unsuitable for printing using LeanPrint.

As web pages, do not have an inherent concept of pages, the number of pages saved is a close approximation. The total savings are displayed at the bottom of the browser window.

For using LeanPrint to print web pages, see Using Project Green Print for web pages.

Examples of optimized web pages

An example of how websites look when printed with LeanPrint

A blog post printed conventionally and then using Adobe LeanPrint

A web page printed conventionally and then using Adobe LeanPrint

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