Adobe Primetime DRM | Product description

Last updated: August 12, 2015

What is Primetime DRM?

Adobe Primetime DRM is an UltraViolet approved content protection platform for premium video. Adobe Primetime DRM can protect content and enable flexible business models such as anonymous, subscription, rental, and download-to-own content for desktop (Windows, Mac), iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox and embedded device platforms.

Product or Service License Metric Deployment
Primetime DRM Account, Stream, or Active Device On-premise Software


Account means a billing account for Customer’s multi-channel and on-demand video delivery service.

Active Device means a device that is counted the first time a unique user starts to view Customer Content via a Customer Player on a device.

Stream means:

(A) each time a Content User initiates playback to view Ads or Customer Content via a Video Player; or

(B) each viewing interval of up to 30 minutes that has elapsed since a new Stream has been counted for the same piece of Customer Content or Ad.  For example, if a Consumer watches a feed for 85 minutes, the Content User has watched 3 Streams.