Adobe Primetime TV Media Management | Product description

Last updated: August 13, 2015

What is Adobe Primetime TV Media Management?

Adobe Primetime TV Media Management is a service that enables video publishers to plan, forecast, and optimize Advertising Inventory within live, simulcast, and video-on-demand content streams as well as surface Advertising Inventory to Advertisers through a programmatic channel.

Product or Service License Metric Deployment
Adobe Primetime TV Media Management   Gross Media Spend, or Impression; plus Campaign Fees and Media Fees On-demand service


Impressions means the number of times an Advertisement is served to, and received by, a visitor viewing Media Company’s Ad Inventory, as measured by Adobe.

Campaign Fees means fees for services associated with a Media Campaign, such as custom measurement studies, verification services, or creation of specialized Creative Content units, ad serving, data, and hosting, (excluding acquisition of Advertising Inventory (Media Fees), and existing integrations), as Media Fees are priced within the On-demand Service based on Customer's selection.

Media Fees means the fees for Media Campaigns run through the On-demand Service for the Advertising Inventory used to deliver the Media Campaigns as such are priced in the On-demand Service.