Adobe Primetime TVSDK Platform | Product description

Last updated: August 12, 2015

What is Primetime TVSDK Platform?

Adobe Primetime TVSDK Platform provides multi-device reach and reduces complexity for premium video by offering multi-format video playback, content protection, compliant closed captions, detailed playback heuristics and video preparation tools.     

Product or Service License Metric Deployment
Primetime TVSDK Platform Account, Stream, or Active Device On-premise software


Account means a billing account for Customer’s multi-channel and on-demand video delivery service.

Active Device means a device that is counted the first time a unique user starts to view Customer Content via a Customer Player on a device.

Stream means (A) each time a Content User initiates playback to view Ads or Customer Content via a Video Player; or (B) each viewing interval of up to 30 minutes that has elapsed since a new Stream has been counted for the same piece of Customer Content or Ad.  For example, if a Consumer watches a feed for 85 minutes, the Content User has watched 3 Streams.