Adobe Digital Publishing Services | Product description

Last updated:  August 13, 2015

What is Adobe Publishing Services?

Adobe Digital Publishing Services is a cloud-based solution that is comprised of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and/or Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  

Products and Services License Metric Deployment
Digital Publishing Services Per Application on an annual basis On-demand Service
Digital Publishing Solution Per Application on an annual basis On-demand Service
Digital Publishing Suite Per Application on an annual basis On-demand Service

Product limitations

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite:

One Application may run on multiple platforms (e.g., iOS and Android) if it includes the same Customer Content 

    Adobe Analytics Essentials for Apps for the Digital Publishing Solution:

Use of Adobe Analytics Essentials for Apps is included with Digital Publishing Solution

Reports: Each Report may contain up to 500,000 unique values or data elements per month

Props: This feature is limited to 75 Props per Report Suite

eVars: This feature is limited to 75 eVars per Report Suite

Events: This feature is limited to 100 Events per Report Suite


Application or App means a unique Customer-branded Authorized Viewer intended to display a Project to Customer’s users that is either (a) submitted to an App store supported by Digital Publishing Services; (b) in use within Customer’s organization solely for the benefit of Customer; or (c) distributes Customer Content through the Web Viewer. A substitute for a discontinued Application is considered a new Application. 

Authorized Viewer means a viewer application that is authorized by Adobe to display .folio files or .article files.  Authorized Viewer includes Adobe-branded viewer applications.

Fulfillment means each completed fulfillment or distribution of Customer’s digital publications (such as .folio files) or designated section of such publication to an Authorized Viewer across supported platforms and devices.  If Customer enables the functionality to distribute certain sections within the publication, as designated by Customer, then the publication is deemed to have been completely fulfilled (e.g., a Fulfillment has occurred) when such designated section is fulfilled or distributed to an Authorized Viewer.  The fulfillment or distribution of other sections within such publication is not considered as an additional Fulfillment.  

Fulfillment Bundle means the available bundle of Fulfillment stated in Adobe’s then current fee schedule.