Magento Commerce Starter | Product Description

Effective as of December 1, 2019

What is Magento Commerce Starter?

Magento Commerce Starter is a platform for delivering eCommerce capabilities, including out-of-the-box features, an ability to customize, and third-party integrations. Managed Services are a shared hosted and managed infrastructure for Magento Commerce Starter.

Products and Services License Metric Deployment
Magento Commerce Starter Per Base Package Managed Services
Business Intelligence Pro Package On-demand Services
Additional Development Environment Per Each Managed Services
Additional Staging Environment Per Each Managed Services
Additional Store Views Per Pack of 15 Managed Services
Additional Storage (per 50 gigabytes) Per Year Managed Services
CDN Transfer (per terabyte) Per Year Managed Services
B2B Module Per Year Managed Services

1. Magento Commerce Starter

Licensing. Magento Commerce Starter is licensed per Base Package. 

Base Package means the Magento Commerce Starter product with a hosted and managed infrastructure platform and includes the following standard features and Service Configuration items:

  • Magento Commerce Starter
    • Standard features:
      • 99.9% Minimum Uptime Percentage for the Adobe hosted infrastructure of the Production Environment
      • Shared SSL (SNI) certificate
      • The following Bundled On-demand Services:
        • Commerce Integration Framework
        • Advanced Reporting
    • Service Configuration items (allotments identified in the Sales Order):
      • GMV Tier and AOV Level identified in the Sales Order
      • Production, Staging, and Development Environments
      • Maximum Annual vCPU Day Allowance – Staging (a minimum of 4,380 vCPU Days is recommended when using the B2B Module. Additional vCPU Days may be required for staging extremely large catalogs.)
      • Maximum Annual vCPU Day Allowance - Production
      • Storage Capacity
      • CDN Transfer Allowance
      • Store Views

2. Magento Commerce Starter: Upgrades

  • Business Intelligence Pro. Business Intelligence Pro is an On-demand Service business intelligence platform that includes data extraction, data warehousing, data analysis, and data visualization capabilities.
    • Standard features:
      • Technical Support
      • Implementation
    • Service Configuration items (allotments identified in the Sales Order):
      • Business Intelligence integrations

3. Magento Commerce Starter Add-ons

Additional CDN Transfer. Additional CDN Transfer allowance may only be added to a Base Package.

Additional Store Views. Additional Store Views are licensed per Pack of 15 additional Store Views and may only be added to a Base Package. 

Additional Storage. Additional Storage may only be added to a Base Package. 


Advanced Reporting means the Advance Reporting On-demand Service.

Average Order Value or AOV means the quotient of (a) the GMV for any given Contract Year; and (b) the number of Transactions during the same Contract Year.

Backup means the total combined backup space available for each Base Package including added Managed Backup, if any.

Bundled On-demand Services means the following, as detailed in the description of the applicable Base Package:

  • Advanced Reporting

Bundled On-demand Services and Upgrade On-demand Services operate in multi-tenant environments outside of the Managed Services environment. As a result, the Bundled On-demand Services and Upgrade On-demand Services are not provided under the Minimum Uptime Percentage of the associated Managed Services and are not subject to any other Managed Services infrastructure-related backup, storage, encryption, data retention, or support obligations set forth in this Agreement. 

Contract Year means the 12 months from the License Term Start Date or each subsequent 12 months thereafter.

End User means any individual or entity of any kind that directly or indirectly through another user: visits, accesses or uses the Customer Sites.

Gross Merchandise Value or GMV means the total value of all Transactions processed through any Customer Sites during any given Contract Year, excluding (a) any shipping, handling, and customs costs charged to End Users; (b) any taxes Customer collects from End Users as part of any Transaction; and (c) any financing charges and interest for installments charged to End Users; and for purposes of Business Intelligence Pro, the definition of “GMV” includes Transactions for any Customer Sites or any other eCommerce channels that occur during the Contract Year. For clarity, any Transactions loaded from previous years or from sales channels that are not Customer Sites or other eCommerce channels do not contribute to GMV.

Production Environment means any environment that is (i) used to generate and/or process online revenue; or (ii) is exposed to the public internet for use by End Users.

Staging Environment means any environment that is set-up as a replica of a Production Environment for use to test code, builds, and updates to ensure quality under a production-like environment before application deployment in a Production Environment. Staging Environments cannot be used as a Production Environment, used to handle live transactions or traffic, or be exposed to the public internet for use by End Users. 

Storage means the total combined storage available, at any one time, for all active data in each Base Package, if any. Storage may include object storage and solid-state drive storage as necessary for the efficient operation of the Managed Services at a ratio specified solely by Managed Services standard operating procedure. 

Transaction means any order placed by an End User through the Products and Services, by whatever means, that is accepted and/or processed by the Products and Services, (a) even if such order is later subject to a refund, return, chargeback or any other reversal, voluntary or involuntary and (b) regardless of whether Customer receives any payment for such order.

vCPU Day means one vCPU used for one calendar day.