Access, edit, organize, and share photos on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Changes sync seamlessly so they are available in your Lightroom desktop app and your Lightroom account on the web.

A smiling woman looks down at her phone alongside a photo montage depicting a series of photographs she saved on her device.

Note: Syncing to Lightroom on the desktop and the web requires a Lightroom trial or a paid Adobe Creative Cloud membership.

Create an album

Albums in Lightroom are a way to organize your photos into different groups. Open Lightroom on your mobile device and sign in with your Adobe ID. On the Library screen, tap the plus (+) to the right of the albums to create a new album. Name your new album and tap OK.

Lightroom for mobile app, with Album, plus icon, and Add Photos highlighted in the Create New section, alongside a field to type the new album’s name.

Add photos from your device

To add existing photos to an album, tap the three dots to the right of the album name and tap Add Photos. You can choose to add photos from All Photos in Lightroom, or from the Camera Roll on your mobile device. Tap individual thumbnails to select them or swipe across images to select multiple photos. Once you’ve made your selections, tap Add to import them to Lightroom and add them to the album.

The Lightroom for mobile app with Add Photos highlighted (left), and selected thumbnails ready to add to a new album (right).

Capture a photo

To take a picture with the Lightroom camera, tap the blue camera icon. The Lightroom camera defaults to Auto mode. Select Professional for more settings, such as shutter speed and white balance. Additional settings in Professional mode allow you lock/unlock auto exposure or apply a preset filter. Tap the file format icon at the top center to choose DNG if you want to capture a raw file.

The blue camera button in the Lightroom for mobile app (left), accompanied by a view of framing a scene in the Lightroom camera (right).

Edit a photo

Tap a photo thumbnail to view it larger and make sure that Edit is selected at the top left. Swipe horizontally along the bottom menu to see the range of editing options available to you. You can crop your photo, apply a profile or a preset for a specific look, or modify settings to adjust exposure, contrast, and color.

The Edit screen in the Lightroom for mobile app with adjustment sliders highlighted, accompanied by a before-and-after view of a portrait.

Share photos

To show your photos via social media or email, tap the share icon at the top of the screen. Then select Share to… After Lightroom prepares the image, choose the sharing options available on your device.

A photo seen on the share screen in the Lightroom for mobile app (left), accompanied by a view of the same photo shared on Instagram (right).

Access synced photos on your desktop and the web

All changes you make in Lightroom on your mobile device are reflected in Lightroom on the desktop and Lightroom on the web. Any changes you make in the desktop or web version are synced to mobile as well.

Photos saved in an album in the Lightroom for mobile app (left), the same album of photos are shown in Lightroom on the web (right).

Photographers: Pablo Alarcon, Seán Duggan, Jillian Lukiwski, Adrien Radford 

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