A dusty lens can add unwanted spots to your photos. Remove them easily with the Healing Brush in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Man holds business card for nature photographer featuring close-up of variegated plant leaf.

Click the + icon and add the sample photo, or use your own.

Close-up of variegated plant leaf shows specs from a dusty camera lens.

Choose the Healing Brush and set the mode to Heal. Check Visualize Spots and adjust the Threshold to reveal the right amount of contrast in the inverted image. This will also show textures in your image, so be careful to edit just the spots you want to remove.

Healing Brush mode is set to Heal, Visualize Spots is checked, and Threshold is adjusted to show contrast in the image.

Adjust the brush size to fit the area you want to touch up. Use the bracket keys ([ ]) to resize the brush from your keyboard. Drag over larger imperfections such as hairs or scratches. Click to heal small areas such as dust spots.

Adjust Healing Brush size as needed. Brush over larger imperfections or click to remove dust spots.

Pinch to zoom in, or use the Hand tool (press spacebar and drag) to pan and focus on the area you want to edit.

The Healing Brush takes the shading and color of the sample area and applies it to the area you want to fix. To change the sample source, drag the circle to a new area of the image.

The Healing Brush applies sampled colors to the area to fix. Drag the circle to a new part of the image to change source.

See how clear your photo looks with the imperfections removed.

Before: Close-up of variegated plant leaf shows specs from a dirty camera lens. After: Dust specs are removed, and the image is cleaner.

Now you don’t have to let a little dust ruin your shots — clear them up with Lightroom.

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