Lightroom crashes opening preferences | Windows

Lightroom crashes when you open the Preferences dialog box

Lightroom crashes when you choose Edit > Preferences.

You may encounter this issue if your My Pictures folder is pointing to a folder that does not exist or has been moved.

Try one or more of the following solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

Solution 1: Update to Lightroom 6.5.1/CC 2015.5.1

Update Lightroom by choosing Help > Updates, or by clicking Update next to Lightroom in the Creative Cloud desktop application. See Keeping Lightroom up to date for details.

Solution 2: Restore defaults to My Pictures folder or point it to a valid folder location

To move My Pictures to a different location:

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\[your user name].
  2. Right-click the My Pictures folder and choose Properties.
  3. Click the Location tab, and then click Move.
  4. Browse to the location where you want to redirect this folder. Click the folder where you want to store the files, click Select Folder, and then click OK.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the move of all the files to the new location.

For more details, see Microsoft's article Redirect a folder to a new location.

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