If you purchased Adobe Lightroom 4 from the Mac App Store and want to upgrade to Lightroom 5, purchase the upgrade from Adobe or another vendor. (For example, get the upgrade from Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and so on.)

Install the Lightroom 5 upgrade

  1. Make sure that the Mac App Store version of Lightroom 4 is on your computer. It provides the validation required for the update installer to authenticate.
  2. Run the Lightroom 5 installer and follow the onscreen directions. The Lightroom 5 upgrade process detects the Mac App Store version of Lightroom 4 installed on your computer, and requests the upgrade serial number.

After Lightroom 5 is installed, you can uninstall Lightroom 4. See this TechNote for assistance in uninstalling Lightroom.

Upgrading from Mac App Store Lightroom 4 to version 6

The steps above do not work to upgrade to Lightroom 6. Contact support for assistance.

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