Enhance your mobile photos on your computer, using the variety of adjustment options in Lightroom CC. Your updated photos remain synced across devices.



Sync to Lightroom CC on the desktop and the web requires a trial version of Lightroom CC or a Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription.

Sign in to Lightroom on all your devices

Ensure that you are signed in to all of your devices with your Adobe ID. This allows your photos and collections to be automatically synced between all of your devices.

If you don't have Lightroom CC installed, download a free trial.


See your mobile collections on your computer

Click the Library module in Lightoom, and navigate to the Collections panel. 

Click the collection set From Lr mobile to view the photos synced from your mobile device.


Edit a photo from your mobile collection on your computer

Click a photo to select it, and click the Develop module to access all of the Lightroom CC editing tools.

For example, you can adjust an isolated portion of the photo. Click the Adjustment Brush and drag the Saturation slider to the right. Then, click and drag to "paint" over part of the photo, to increase the intensity of the colors in that area.

To learn more, see the tutorial, Edit your first photos in Lightroom.


See your edited photo in Lightroom on your mobile device

The edits that you make to your photos on your computer, in Lightroom CC, are automatically synced to Lightroom on your mobile device.

You can also sync any new collections or photos you add from your computer across all devices.

Use the links below to learn more about using Lightroom across your devices.


Contributor: Kendall Plant

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