How to get rid of something in your photo

Heal and clone non-circular brush spots and remove easy-to-miss sensor dust using the Visualization tool. (Try it, 13 min)

What do I need?

Get files Sample files to practice with (ZIP, 4 MB)

Remove spots and objects

Master the Spot Removal tool to get rid of sensor dust or annoying objects in your composition. Learn the difference between healing and cloning.

Remove spots (0:50); Adjust source (2:10); Heal and clone (3:58)

More healing techniques

Don't miss hard to see spots; Make a quick portrait touch-up; Go to Photoshop for advanced retouching.

Visualize spots (0:27); Retouch a portrait (1:48); Why use photoshop (4:12)

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Laura Shoe
Laura is a Lightroom and Photoshop author and instructor, and a fine art photographer based in Seattle, Washington.