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Get started with Lightroom on mobile

Edit and organize images on your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone and seamlessly sync your changes with Lightroom on your computer. (See how, 6 min)

What do I need?

  Lightroom on iPad

  Lightroom on iPhone

   Lightroom on Android Phone

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Sign in to Lightroom on your mobile device

Launch Lightroom and sign in with your Adobe ID.

If you don’t have an Adobe ID yet, tap "Sign up," and follow the instructions to sign up. 

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Sync photos on your mobile device

Tap "Add from Camera Roll" (iOS) or "Add Photos" (Android) to add images from your camera roll or gallery.

Tap individual images to select, or swipe across the images to select multiple photos. Then tap the checkmark in the upper right.

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Edit photos

At the bottom of the screen, tap the Adjust icon to bring up the editing controls. Tap one of the controls like Exposure and slide your finger across the scale to lighten or darken the image. With some controls, like White Balance, you choose from a list of options.

When you are done, tap the arrow in the top-left of your screen to return to the collection and automatically sync your edits across all your devices.

Experiment with the editing controls, you can always rework your edits or get back to your original photo with one click.

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Install Lightroom CC for desktop and watch your synced mobile photos automatically appear on your computer.

Go to your Creative Cloud desktop app and download Lightroom CC.

If you don’t have Lightroom yet, download a 30-day trial.

After you install Lightroom on your computer, auto-sync is enabled by default and the photos, edits, and collections, on your mobile device will automatically appear.

For more about setting up Lightroom, see Set up Lightroom on all your devices.

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