Issue: Keyboard shortcuts to open or close the Navigator panel do not work.

On Windows and Mac OS X, the keyboard shortcut to open or close the Navigator panel (Ctrl+Shift+0) may not work as expected.

Solution: Modify the keyboard option in the OS.

Change the keyboard option in the operating system so that keyboard shortcuts can be used as standard function keys, not OS functions.


  1. Choose Start > Control PanelRegional And Language Options.

  2. Select Keyboards And Languages, and then select Change Keyboards.

  3. Select Advanced Key Settings, and select Between Input Languages.

  4. Select Change Key Sequence.

  5. For Switch Keyboard Layout, select Not Assigned.

  6. Click OK to close each dialog box. 

Mac OS X

  1. Choose Apple > System Preferences.

  2. Select Keyboard And Mouse.

  3. Select the option Use All F1, F2, Etc Keys As Standard Function Keys.

Additional information

By default, Mac OS X 10.6 maps the function keys to OS functions. However, you can set a preference for them to be used as standard function keys, or to use the fn key with the function keys.

In Windows 7 and Vista, Ctrl+Shift+0 is assigned an operating system function. See this Microsoft support document  for more information. 


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