Correspondence Management Workshop

Correspondence Management is an AEM forms and Adobe LiveCycle component that streamlines and simplifies correspondence creation and distribution workflows, within and outside an organization.

The Correspondence Management workshop provides a solid foundation for those seeking to understand and implement the core principles of Correspondence Management for managing business critical customer correspondences. It guides you through the recommended workflow and best practices for implementing Correspondence Management.

The workshop includes ten modules. Each module starts with a set of objectives and overview of the topics covered, followed by concepts, activities, workflows, best practices, and assessment. In addition, the key workflows are explained using interactive visuals throughout the workshop.

  • The workshop requires basic understanding of LiveCycle server technologies and tools, such as LiveCycle Designer and Workbench.
  • The workshop content includes interactive visual elements that require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader plug-in enabled in your browser. For more information, see Configure browser to use Adobe PDF plug-in.
  • It is recommended to go through the modules in sequence.
  • We keep refreshing the workshop content from time to time. Therefore, to ensure that you access the latest content, it is recommended to always view it online.



Ask questions, share feedback, and collaborate with fellow participants and experts at Correspondence Management Workshop forum.