Searching across forms

You can search across all the supported Forms Manager files and assets, using various search parameters. Additionally, you can use the full-text search functionality.

You can use either the simple search options or the advanced options.

LiveCycle Forms Manager provides for advanced search

Clicking Advanced Search opens a side search form, where you can provide your search filters. Clicking Search in this side menu executes the advanced search. You can search for forms based on the following properties:

  • Check boxes to limit the search to one or more supported types of form and resources.
  • Application: Use an application or all applications under which the forms or images have to be searched for.
  • Text Search: Full-text search across all the forms and assets in Forms Manager repository.
  • Name: Name of the form.
  • Description: Text from the description of the form.
  • Status: Active/inactive status of a form.
  • Modified after and Modified before: Two separate date criteria are available to indicate the date range when the form was last modified.
  • Tags: Search forms that have been tagged with the specified tags.
You can search for images based only on the name property.  

You can use regular expressions in simple text search. For example, you can use *demo* to search for MyDemoForm.xdp.


To search using Name and Description in advanced search, use case-sensitive regular expressions. For example, you can use *Demo* in the Name row to look for MyDemoForm.xdp.

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