LiveCycle Forms ES 8.0.1 doesn't generate PDF documents, and throws the following exception to the application server WebLogic 9.2:

...  <Warning> <com.adobe.idp.common.errors.exception.IDPLoggedException> <opckrws3><santos> <Thread-16> <<anonymous>> <> <> <1271084731526> <000000> <UserM:GENERIC_WARNING: [Thread Hashcode: -1257420086] | [com.adobe.idp.storeprovider.jdbc.DBStatement] errorCode:12290 errorCodeHEX:0x3002 message:execute query failure(select * from (select /*+ FIRST_ROWS */ * from EDCPRINCIPALDOMAINENTITY where (EDCPRINCIPALDOMAINENTITY.domainName = ?)) where rownum < 2) chainedException:java.sql.SQLException: Exception d'E/S: Connection resetchainedExceptionMessage:Exception d'E/S: Connection reset chainedException trace:java.sql.SQLException: Exception d'E/S: Connection reset at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException( at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(



Remove one of the default gateways set on the VMWare server.

Additional information

This issue is related to a network problem or DB connection failure.