LiveCycle ES2 SP2 | LiveCycle Workbench | Quick Fix 1040-2.202

Posted on October 07, 2014


This QF (1040-2.202) is non-cumulative and doesn't include issues fixed in previous Workbench QFs for LiveCycle ES2 SP2 ( For a complete list of LiveCycle ES2 SP2 ( QFs, see LiveCycle ES2 SP2 Quick Fixes. Contact Support for more information or to obtain the QF.

Issues fixed in the QF

After installing Adobe Flash player, LiveCycle Guides fail to submit data to servers. (Ref #3819880)


After installing the quick fix, you encounter a message "The program might not have installed correctly."  You can safely ignore the error message, it has no impact on the quick fix.  

Prerequisites to installing the QF

  • Adobe LiveCycle Workbench

Installing and configuring the QF

  1. In the directory named according to the operating system that you are using, open lces2_qf_install.exe. This launches an install wizard that guides you through the installation. This launches an install wizard that guides you through the installation.
  2. Select the language to use in the install wizard and click OK.
  3. On the Introduction panel, click Next.
  4. On the Choose Install Folder screen, verify that the default location displayed is correct for your existing installation, or click Browse to select the alternate folder where LiveCycle Workbench is currently installed, and click Next.
  5. Read the Quick Fix Patch Summary information and click Next.
  6. Read the Pre-Installation Summary information and click Install.
  7. When the installation is complete, click Next to apply the quick fix updates to your installed files.
  8. When the quick fix installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard.

Impacted LiveCycle modules

  • LiveCycle Workbench
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