LiveCycle ES2 SP2 | Designer | Quick Fix 9002.006

Posted on Feburary 20, 2014


This QF may not be the latest LiveCycle Designer QF for LiveCycle ES2 SP2 ( For a complete and latest list of LiveCycle ES2 SP2 ( QFs, see LiveCycle ES2 SP2 Quick Fixes.

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Issues fixed in the QF

  • LiveCycle Designer does not generate a complete 508 accessible form. Acrobat Accessibility Checker enlists issues with Tab Order, document title and form language. (Ref #3675924)


The Quick fix is only for static PDF documents generated using LiveCycle Designer. To fix similar issue for LiveCycle Output, install Quick Fix 1026-2.213

Prerequisites to installing the QF

  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 SP2 (

Important: LiveCycle QFs are cumulative, which means they include issues fixed in previous QFs. Therefore, before installing this QF, it is recommended to go through all the previous QFs for LiveCycle ES2 SP2 LiveCycle Designer QFs. It will help you determine if there are any additional steps to be performed for an issue fixed in a previous QF. Additional steps and prerequisites are documented in the Prerequisites and comments section.


Installing and configuring the QF

  1. To install the update, run the Designer9.5_<language>_Cumulative_QF6.exe file.
  2. On the welcome screen, click update. The installation starts.
  3. After the installation completes, click finish.


For any special considerations and steps required to create a 508 accessible form, see the Additional steps to create a 508 accessible form section.

Additional steps to create a 508 accessible form

To make the forms compatible with the accessibility rules, while designing the forms, perform the following steps:

  1. Add the following flags:
    <?originalXFAVersion DisplayDocTitle:1 DisplayLangAndTabOrder:1?>
  2. Explicitly specify locale of the form. Do not use the Viewer's system locale option.

Impacted LiveCycle modules

  • LiveCycle Designer