Enable Fallback to Listing


Perform these steps for LiveCycle ES3 SP2 SharePoint QF# 001 and later.

To enable the support for paging in the list API, perform the following steps to enable the Fall Back to Listing feature:

  1. Login to Admin UI as an administrator.
  2. In Administration Console, click Services > Applications and Services > Service Management.
  3. Click the MSSharePointContentRepositoryConnector service.
  4. Enable the Fallback to Listing option.
  5. Click Save.

Activate LiveCycle connector and workflow


Perform these steps for LiveCycle ES3 SP2 SharePoint QF# 1020-008 and later.

  1. Ensure that you have installed the QF and have also run the Configuration Manager. Running the Configuration Manager creates Adobe Livecycle Connector-2010.zip file at LiveCycle_root/plugins/sharepoint.
  2. Open SharePoint Web application, go to Sharepoint Site > Site Settings > Site Collection Feature and deactivate the following features:
    • Adobe LiveCycle Connector
    • Adobe LiveCycle Workflow
  3. Uninstall the web application on the Sharepoint server as described in Uninstalling Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Server.
  4. Extract Adobe Livecycle Connector-2010.zip at the Sharepoint server.
  5. Install the web application as described in Install and Activate Connector.
  6. Activate Adobe LiveCycle Connector and Adobe LiveCycle Workflow features.

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