About landing pages

Campaign comes with landing pages which are web forms that can be used to capture information on your audiences, offer subscriptions to a service, display data and grow your database. Landing pages can also be used for acquiring or updating existing profiles.


Landing pages can only be used to update profiles.

Campaign comes with a set of built-in landing page templates:

  • Acquisition : this is the default template for landing pages, which enables you to capture and update data in Campaign database.

  • Subscription : this template should be used to offer subscriptions to a service.

  • Unsubscription : this template can be linked from an email sent to subscribers to a service, to allow them to unsubscribe this service.

  • Blacklist : this template should be used when a profile no longer wants to be contacted by Campaign. For more about blacklisting, refer to About opt-in and opt-out in Campaign.

These templates are proposed by default when creating a new landing page.


Adobe recommends to create your own templates by duplicating a built-in template. Some parameters can only be set in landing page templates, and cannot be modified in landing pages directly.


To access landing page templates, click the Adobe Campaign logo on the upper left corner and select Resources > Templates > Landing page templates .

The full life cycle of a landing page is as follows:

  1. Creation: design and set the content of the landing page.

  2. Test: simulate the landing page execution on a test profile.

  3. Publication: publish the landing page to push it live.

  4. Expiration or depublication: unpublish manually or wait for the landing page to expire, then it is no longer available.


Once created and published, you can make the landing page accessible via a website or by inserting a direct link to the landing page into an email.

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