Creating Sections

The Sections feature (iPad only) lets your customers download individual sections of a folio that you define. For example, you can divide a folio into News, Sports, Business, Style, and Money sections, and your customers have the option to download articles in only certain sections or all sections at once.

Assigning Sections

Specify Section information for each article in the Folio Producer Editor. Use the same Section name for at least two articles. For best results, create a v24 folio or later, and use the Folio Builder panel to update the articles in the folio to generate section cover images. Use a v24 viewer or later to view sections.

You can also specify sections for articles using the <section> tag in the sidecar.xml file. See Create a metadata sidecar file for importing articles.

How Sections work

When you specify Section information for articles in a folio, a View button appears in the iPad viewer library instead of a Download or Buy button. Tapping the View button displays the sections available in that article. The first page of the first article in each section is used as the section cover image. When a user taps the section cover image, all the articles in that section are downloaded or displayed.

Any article that does not have Section information specified is downloaded with any section. For example, if you don’t specify Section information for the cover article and the table of contents article, those articles are downloaded with the first section the user downloads.

In a folio with sections, tapping the TOC button displays only the section titles at this time, not the articles. Tapping a section name in the TOC jumps to the first article in that section.

The original article order is preserved in folios with sections. For best results, group articles in the same section next to each other within the folio.


Once a user downloads a single section, it counts as a complete folio download. Subsequent downloads of sections in that folio do not count as downloads.

Adding or removing Sections to an existing folio

Avoid editing a folio to remove or include Sections. Instead, delete the existing folio and create a new folio that has a change to Sections. 

Testing Sections

To test the Sections feature, create a development app for the iPad. Sections are not fully implemented in the Adobe Content Viewer.


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