Managing customer licenses

Learn how to manage licenses for your customers.


Once an invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan has been sent to the customer, a VIP ID is immediately issued and products can be added to the customer’s account by creating a Purchase Authorization (PA).

The PA includes deployment date, deployed products and End User PO Number. At this time, PAs are not available for Education device license orders.


Orders for Education device licenses can be placed directly through Adobe.

How to manage Purchase Authorizations

Follow instructions to create a Purchase Authorization and add licenses for your customers:

  1. Under the Plans tab of the Customer details page, click Create New Purchase Authorization.

    Create Purchase Authorizations

  2. The following dialog box opens.

    Create Purchase Authorization

  3. Select the license type from the list as either Enterprise or Team.

  4. Select product from the list and enter the number of licenses.

  5. To add more products, click the plus icon  and then enter details for the products.

  6. Optionally, enter the Purchase Order (PO) number you received from the customer.

  7. Click Create Purchase Authorization. A Purchase Authorization is created for your customer.

To fulfill a Purchase Authorization, the Account Manager submits an order through the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) and references the PA. An order must be placed within 30 days of the Purchase Authorization creation. If an order is not placed within 30 days, the customer’s account will go into overdue status.


Visit the Reseller Console and determine the specific duration that needs to be ordered. For information on calculating the duration, see VIP Program Guide.

You can cancel a Purchase Authorization and remove products. If you already placed an order with Adobe, request a return authorization.

Follow the instructions to learn how to cancel a Purchase Authorization for a customer.

  1. On the Customer details page, scroll to the Order and Authorization History section.

  2. Click the [X] icon. The Purchase Authorization will be successfully cancelled.


    You can only cancel a pending Purchase Authorization if a user is not assigned to the license(s).

How to manage renewals

The Renewal Summary assists partners and inside sales associates with selecting the appropriate product SKUs for renewing VIP members. The summary of VIPs eligible renewal licenses will populate 60 days before the renewal window or 90 days prior to the anniversary date.


Processed renewal orders will populate under the Renewal History section of the VIP Details.

VIP Admins receive renewal email notifications from Adobe at the following intervals:

  • Time to renew email 30 days prior to the Anniversary Date.
  • Renewal past due email on the Anniversary Date.
  • If no purchases are processed, the customer will be notified before access to their software is removed.

VIP Admins are also be alerted through a banner display in the Admin Console.


Processed renewal orders will populate under the Renewal History section of the VIP Details.

Learn more about accessing Reseller Console

See the following pages to learn all about the Reseller Console.


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