Helper apps and services

What are helper apps and services?

Helper apps and services are the ones that are included with desktop apps that you purchase for your organization. These can’t be purchased stand-alone and their deployment is as a utility. Most Creative Cloud applications include helper apps and services to support and enhance creative workflows. These include apps such as Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Bridge & services like Fonts and Acrobat online tools.

Users gain access to helper apps when assigned to the associated purchased applications (sometimes referred to as Top-Level applications).

This document aims to provide guidance on which helper apps and services come with which plan (for example, Creative Cloud All Apps). Access to helper apps and services is ultimately governed by Adobe’s Terms of Service and additionally for ETLA customers by Product Specific Licensing Terms.

What are the plans that include helper apps and services?

Adobe’s inclusion of helper apps aims to be ample and inclusive across paid Adobe products. Since the inclusion of helper apps can be dynamic and dependent on negotiated agreements, there is no definitive mapping for which helper apps come with which Adobe apps, but the following guidance applies in most cases:

  • Each installation of Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Bridge consumes a license. The number of installations of AME or Adobe Bridge must not exceed the number of licenses purchased for the On-premise Software.
  • All helper apps and services are available with any Creative Cloud All Apps license, except for K-12 EDU. No-services versions of Creative Cloud are limited to helper apps that don’t depend on cloud services (For example, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Media Encoder).
  • All helper apps and services are available with any top-level Creative Cloud Single Apps license.
Creative Cloud top-level Single App* Single App Group B*

Adobe Audition

Adobe Dimension

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe XD

After Effects








Premiere Pro

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe XD













* This list of apps is meant to serve as an example, refer to your contract terms or see the instructions below to determine the precise inclusion of helper apps and services.

Which helper apps and services are included with my plan?

Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise administrators can confirm the inclusion of helper apps and services via the Products tab on the admin console.

  1. Sign in to your Adobe Admin Console.

  2. Navigate to Products.

    Products tab

  3. Select the plan card for which you would like to check the inclusion of helper apps and services.

    Select the plan card

  4. To open the details drawer for that specific plan, click Details.

    Click Details

  5. Scroll to view all included apps and services associated with your plan.

    Included apps and services


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