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Release Information

Products Dynamic Media Feature Pack 14410 and 18912
Version 1.0
Type Feature release.
Date August 31, 2017
Download URL

Feature Pack 14410 - This feature pack is compatible with AEM, Service Pack 1.  

Feature Pack 18912 - Please contact Adobe support to request access and complete setup of your account to enable the features in this feature pack.

Compatibility (*) AEM 6.3 with Cumulative Fix Pack 2 applied.
Description of Feature Pack New automation and delivery features for Dynamic Media. Upgrade release for Dynamic Media Classic customers. 

What's Included in Dynamic Media Feature Pack 14410 and 18912

  • Setup and ConfigurationSimplified setup and configuration of more settings.
  • FTP Ingestion (available via FP 18912): Bulk upload large volume of assets and/or very large file size assets through FTP for more scalable and performant ingestion. FTP jobs can be scheduled on a recurring basis to automate ingestion.
  • Asset Replicator (available via FP 18912): For customers transitioning from Dynamic Media Classic (Scene7) to Dynamic Media, master assets will be replicated from their existing S7 repository to the Dynamic Media repository. This enables customers to achieve the following benefits during the upgrade:
    1. No need to change URLs used on their existing production sites.
    2. No need to rewrite API automation scripts or integrations with 3rd party systems.
    3. No need to re-develop custom branded interactive viewers.


  • Viewer Keyboard Accessibility: Ensure compliance with W3C accessibility standards, enabling use of keyboard controls and shortcuts to interact with all viewer actions.
  • Set AutomationAutomatically generate image sets or spin sets at scale, based on a common image file naming convention.
  • Image Quality: Image presets can leverage Bicubic Sharp which is the Photoshop default resampler for reducing image size. Improves image quality to most closely match Photoshop.
  • Color Management: Ingested assets will retain their color space (RGB, CMYK, Gray) and embedded color profile.  Dynamic image renditions can be generated to deliver color corrected images which represent the color as consistently as possible among different channels such as print vs. digital experiences.
  • Advanced FilesEnhanced Dynamic Imaging rendition support for InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, and Adobe Postscript files. Ability to upload source assets to Dynamic Media and post-process them for delivery via Dynamic Media Classic (ie. convert PSD to unage template, rasterize PDF and convert to eCatalog, etc). 


  • Player Keyboard Accessibility: Ensure compliance with W3C accessibility standards, enabling use of keyboard controls and shortcuts to interact with all video player actions


  • HTTP/2 Delivery HTTP/2 is the updated web protocol that improves the way browsers and servers communicate, allowing for faster transfer of information while reducing the amount of processing power needed. Delivery of Dynamic Media assets can be over HTTP/2 which provides better response and load times. 
  • Instant PublishAccelerate time to go live by instantly publishing rich media assets upon ingest (note: we will continue to support scheduled or manually initiated publish).
  • Static Content Delivery: Publish and deliver additional assets such as PDFs, audio files, GIFs, etc 
  • Cache InvalidationTrigger immediate content updates on your site by clearing the cache at the CDN. Useful when updating existing assets already live in production.
  • RulesetsTransform Dynamic Media URLs for various use cases such as to generate SEO-friendly URLs or to alias URLs used in different company sub-brands or division

Known Issues

CQ-4217019    Video: Video preview and copy URL/embed code does not work when encoding to just a single video encoding.

CQ-101206      Video: Clicking on video annotation comments from Assets timeline does not display proper video frame 

CQ-4216618    Video: No file metadata available for the originally uploaded video

CQ-72644        Interactive Video: Cannot change the order of images within a video segment

CQ-105869      YouTube Publish: Non-administrator user cannot publish to YouTube if the tag has not been published

CQ-4216706    Image: Image processing profiles cannot be edited.

CQ-4217371    Image: Unable to publish carousel when editing the behavior or appearance of the carousel.  

CQ-4211296    Sets: When using the asset selector to create image/spin/mixed media sets or interactive video, selection of assets sometimes does not work nor fully load. Workaround: close asset selector and re-launch.  

CQ-4195337    Sets: When previewing the set in a viewer, the image displayed is not immediately updated when different assets are selected

CQ-100020      Sets: Mixed Media viewer not displaying swatches for image sets and spin sets

Special characters are not supported in file names.

Installation Instructions


Feature Pack 14410 is compatible with AEM 6.3 with AEM 6.3 Cumulative Fix Pack installed. Ensure that you have installed AEM 6.3 Cumulative Fix Pack before installing Feature Pack 14410. See AEM 6.3 Cumulative Fix Pack Release Notes for more information.

Installing Feature Packs 14410 and 18912

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