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Connector for Microsoft SharePoint enables communication between AEM forms and Microsoft SharePoint. For additional background information, see "Connectors for ECM" in Services Reference.

  1. In administration console, click Services > Connector for Microsoft SharePoint.

  2. Specify the following settings for your SharePoint Server:

    SharePoint Server Host Name:

    The host name port number of the web application on the SharePoint server, in the format [hostname]:[port].

    User Name:

    The user account used to connect to the SharePoint server.


    Password for the user account used to connect to the SharePoint server

    Domain Name:

    Domain where the SharePoint server is located.

  3. Click Save.

Microsoft SharePoint configuration service

The Microsoft SharePoint configuration service (MSSharePointConfigService) lets you specify credentials for the AEM forms user that has impersonation permissions. For information about impersonation permissions, see Configuring Connector for Microsoft SharePoint. Follow these steps to specify settings for MSSharePointConfigService:

  1. In administration console, click Services > Applications and Services > Service Management.

  2. Navigate the list of services and click MSSharePointConfigService.

  3. Specify the following settings on the Configuration page:

    • User Name For A User With Impersonation Permissions

    • Password For The Above User

  4. Click Save.

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