Learn how to add interactivity to an InDesign document, and export it as an interactive PDF file.

You can create interactive PDF documents that contain movies, hyperlinks, bookmarks, page transitions and buttons.

  1. Open your InDesign file and select the Interactive for PDF workspace. The panels are displayed on the right of the screen.
  2. Add hyperlinks by clicking the Hyperlinks panel then selecting any element from your InDesign document. In the Hyperlinks panel, click the Create New Hyperlink button. Add your hyperlink destination.
  3. Add bookmarks to pages within the document by opening the Bookmarks panel. Click Create New Bookmark.
  4. To create buttons, open the Buttons and Forms panel. Select any element, then click Convert To Button icon on the Buttons and Forms panel.
  5. Click the + sign next to Actions to select the required action. Click Event to select how the button is activated.

Contributors: Adobe Press, Chad Chelius

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