After you place artwork or text in a frame, you can still reposition or resize the frame, the contents within the frame, or both.

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This sample file contains Adobe Stock assets you can use to practice what you learn in this tutorial. If you want to use the sample file beyond this tutorial, you can purchase licenses on Adobe Stock. Check out the ReadMe file in the folder for the terms that apply to your use of this sample file.

View the practice file

The practice file, resize-content-frame_START.indd, is a two-page spread with empty frames. Open it and start filling the frames with your own art or use the sample art we provided.

Resize and move an image within its frame

Drag Beans.jpg from the Sample Photos folder over to the rectangular frame at the top of the left page.

As you can see, it’s too large for its frame. Click the frame with the Selection tool. The donut-shaped Content Grabber icon appears at the center of the frame.

To freely resize the art, click the Content Grabber. A brown frame appears around the artwork. Shift-drag a corner handle of the frame to resize the artwork proportionally.

To reposition the artwork, simply drag the Content Grabber in any direction within the frame.

Automatically fit artwork in frames

Drag Nitro-brew.jpg into the frame directly below. Select the frame with the Selection tool.

You can also use a frame-fitting button to control the size and position of your images within the frames. They’re located in the Frame Fitting section of the Properties panel.

For example, click Fill Frame Proportionally to fill the frame with the image without distorting its proportions, but the image may be cropped. Click Content-Aware Fit (the last button) to fit an image proportionally based on the subject and the frame size.

Resize the artwork and the frame

Drag Café-Owner.jpg into the round frame on the right. Practice the techniques you learned to resize and position the art in the frame.

Select the frame with the Selection tool, and then select Auto Fit in the Frame Fitting section. Now you can resize both the frame and artwork proportionally to suit your design.

Resize only the frame

You can also resize just the frame—whether empty or filled with art. Select it with the Selection tool, and drag any frame handle to resize. To resize proportionally, Shift-drag a corner handle of the frame.

Drag Pour-over.jpg into the leftmost frame, and fit it to its frame.

Resize a text frame to fit the text

With overset text (the frame is too small for the text), you can double-click any handle, and the frame automatically expands.

Note: This shortcut works only if the overset text can fit on the page.

When the frame is too large for the text inside it, double-click any handle, and the frame snaps to the end of the text.

Nice going! Keep practicing—your sharp layouts will soon be the envy of the town.

Adobe Stock contributors: nerudol, nioloxs, elnariz, leszekglasner

Contributor: Noe Araujo

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