Work with markers

About markers

InDesign inserts a marker in text for items such as index entries, XML tags, and hyperlink text and anchors. These markers have no width and they don’t affect composition of text. However, you can select these markers and cut, copy, or delete them. InDesign uses the location of the marker to produce an accurate bookmark or page reference in the table of contents, index, and exported PDF files.

You can view all markers at once, or view hyperlink or tagged text markers only. You can also view markers in Story Editor, where they are larger and easier to identify.


When you select a word, all of its markers are also selected. Keep this in mind when you are cutting, copying, or deleting text.

Types of markers

A. Tagged text B. Index marker C. Hyperlink 

View markers

  • To display markers, choose Type > Show Hidden Characters.
  • To view hyperlink markers only, choose View > Extras > Show Hyperlinks.
  • To view tagged text markers only, choose View > Structure > Show Tag Markers.

Select markers

  1. Choose Type > Show Hidden Characters.
  2. Place the insertion point next to the marker.
  3. Holding down Shift, press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow key to select a marker.

You can also locate markers using different methods. For example, you can locate an index marker by choosing the Go To Selected Marker option in the Index panel menu.


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