Create a gallery to showcase your favorite photo albums in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on the web.

Favorite photos are shared to a Lightroom gallery on the web.

Create an album

Go to in a web browser and sign in with your Adobe ID.  To create a web album, click the (+) icon in the Albums panel. Choose Create Album, name your album, and click Create.

Sign into Lightroom on the web with your Adobe ID. Click + icon in the Albums panel to create a new album.

Add photos to album

Select the new album in the Albums panel. Drag and drop photos from your computer, or choose Select Files to browse image files.

Drag and drop photos from your computer or select files to add new photos to the album.

Create a web gallery

Click the Share button at top. Now you can make a web gallery to display your albums on the web.

Click the Share button at top to make a web gallery.

Choose Add Album to Gallery. Set the sharing options as desired, such as whether to show the information and location for the photos, and whether to allow users to download photos or add comments. You can also update the profile picture, name, and description that will display when visitors view your gallery.

Click Add Album to Gallery and select privacy options for images.

Share your gallery

To share your web gallery, click the URL at the top of the screen to go to the Gallery page. You can also click the clipboard icon to copy the Gallery URL and then paste it within your preferred method for sharing, such as email or social media.

Copy the unique URL at the top to share your web gallery.

Lightroom galleries on the web

Lightroom on the web is part of the Lightroom ecosystem. As you add, update, and remove images in Lightroom on the web or in Lightroom on your desktop or mobile device, these changes are reflected in the updated Gallery on the web.

Gallery appears on Lightroom for web. Changes made on Lightroom mobile or desktop are updated on the web.

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