Lightroom Presets preferences removed


In the Preferences dialog, the following preferences are not available in the Presets tab (under Default Develop Settings):

  • Apply Auto Tone Adjustments
  • Apply Auto Mix When First Converting To Black And White  

Beginning with Lightroom CC 2015.7/Lightroom 6.7, these preferences have been removed by Adobe. To apply the develop settings associated with these removed preferences on your photos, follow the workaround steps suggested below. 


  1. Create a new Develop preset

    1. In the Develop module, select a photo and convert it to grayscale by selecting Black & White in the Treatment area of the Basic panel or by pressing V.
    2. Now click the Create New Preset (+) button at the top of the Presets panel or choose Develop > New Preset.
    3. Click Check None to deselect everything.
    4. Under Auto Settings, select Auto Tone and Auto Black & White Mix settings to include in the preset.
    5. Type a name in the Preset Name box, specify which Folder the preset should appear in, and click Create.

    The preset is added to the list in the Presets panel in the specified folder. You can now apply this Develop preset on your photo. This preset will convert your photo to grayscale, and automatically apply tone adjustments and Black & White mix settings.

    If you use this configuration of develop settings very frequently, you can also choose to create a new Import Preset. Applying these develop settings at the time of import will speed up your workflow. See the next step for details.

  2. Create a new Import preset

    1. Choose File > Import Photos And Videos to show the import window.
    2. In the Apply During Import panel on the right of the import window, click the Develop Settings menu and choose the Develop preset that you created in Step1.
    3. Now choose Import Preset > Save Current Settings As New Preset at the bottom of the import window.
    4. In the New Preset dialog, specify a Preset Name and click Create.

    You can now apply the Auto Mix and Auto Black & White settings when you are importing photos into Lightroom — select this Import preset from the Import Preset menu at the bottom of the import window and click Import.


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