HTTPS connections from Windows 10 fail after a security update

After applying a Windows 10 security update, connections from updated Windows 10 devices to certain LiveCycle/AEM Forms servers fail. The connections fail if the HTTPS connection to your server uses a cipher with weak Diffie Hellman Keys. 

Following Windows 10 updates cause HTTPS connection failure:

To test if the issue persists on your server:

  1. Using Internet Explorer on Windows 10, open https://<server>:<port>/adminui.
  2. See if the page loads. If the page is not loaded in Internet Explorer, the issue requires troubleshooting.

HTTPS connections to newer LiveCycle/AEM Forms servers using Oracle Java 7 and above do not fail. 

Troubleshooting: HTTPS connection failure to LiveCycle/AEM Forms with JBoss Turnkey/manual setup using Oracle Java 6

HTTPS connection to LiveCycle/AEM Forms server fails because the Windows 10 security update removes support for certain SSL protocols. To resolve this issue:

  • Use a proxy, such as Apache proxy.
    If your setup is already using a load balancer or a proxy, or if you have introduced a new proxy server, you can modify proxy settings to resolve SSL connection failure issue. As long as your proxy server does not rely on the weak Diffie Hellman keys, using a proxy should resolve the issue.
    For the new proxy server, existing proxy server, or the load balancer: ensure that it bears the same domain name as your LiveCycle/AEM Forms server. 
  • Perform the following steps to verify that the server adminui page opens in Internet Explorer:
    1. Using Internet Explorer on Windows 10, open https://<server>:<port>/adminui.
    2. See if the page loads. 


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