Distorted Image - GE Extend Background


When using the Guided edit extend background, after selecting extend option in Step 3, the protect tool for extend mode does not protect a portion of the image, even if it is painted over with the protection tool.

In the following image, there is a distorted left arm when the Protect Tool is used and painted over the object.

When the protect tool is used and painted over a subject

Distorted left arm when the protect tool is used


The expand method is based on the underlying recompose tool. The efficacy of protect button gets impacted when the painted region is expanded to a large canvas abruptly in a single step.


Paint some extra region toward the object that you want to protect to extend the background of an image.

In the following image, see the painted region and the resultant image with non-distorted arms of the object.

Paint the extended region of the object

Resultant image with non-distorted arm

For more information, see Extend Background guided edit.


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