How to check the integrated Proxied MVPDs of a requestor ID using XML URL
After the migration of MVPDs has started from dashboard 2.4 to TVE Console 3.0, it is difficult to locate some of the Proxied MVPDs for requestor IDs. This article helps one to locate the same in all four Adobe Authentication environment.


Some of the migrated MVPDs are not directly visible in TVE Console 3.0 or in Dashboard 2.4, under Reports > List of Proxied MVPDs as the new MVPD changes are not made visible in Dashboard 2.4's UI, owing to the migration process to Console 3.0.


To locate such MVPDs, you can use the following URLs that will show the linked (integrated) MVPDs of a requestor ID:

    for example:




To check for multiple requestor IDs, change the requestor ID with the next one, and refresh the page.