Allow User to Modify Agreements


The Modify Agreements feature allows the owner of an agreement to add or remove the files attached to an agreement and the option to add, remove or edit the fields on the files.

The ability to modify the agreement is limited to agreements that have not yet had the first recipient complete their action.  Once the first recipient has completed their action, the agreement may not be modified, and if changes are required, the agreement must be resent.

How it works

Agreement owners can access their agreement through their Manage page and select Modify Agreement from the list of available actions.

Full details are available here >

Image of the Manage page with a selected agreement

The user is presented with an interface to edit the files and the option to send the agreement into authoring:

View of the limited Send page

Audit Report record

Modifying the agreement enters a record indicating the author of the agreement has modified the agreement. One record is entered each time the agreement is updated:

Audit Report record


The feature can only be enabled or disabled. There are no further configuration options.


The option to allow the modification of agreements is limited to enterprise-tier accounts..

Configuration scope:

The feature can be enabled at the account and group levels.

To enable, navigate to Account Settings > Send Settings > Modify Agreements

Navigate to the Modify Agreements controls


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