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What are cloud signatures?

Cloud-based digital signatures, or 'remote signatures,' are a new generation of digital signatures that work across desktop, mobile, and the web — and meet the highest levels of compliance and assurance for signer authentication. Each signer is issued a certificate-based digital ID by a Trust Service Provider (TSP). When signing a document, the ID is used with a personal PIN and other verification steps to prove the signer's identity. Read the solution brief.

Sign online with a cloud-based digital ID

Follow these steps to get your cloud-based digital ID.

  1. Choose a trust service provider below.  
  2. Enroll per the provider’s instructions to get your ID.
  3. Restart the signing process and select your new credential to sign the document.

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Trust Service Providers

Adobe is the first global vendor to deliver solutions based on an open standard developed with industry leaders in the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). The trust service providers listed below offer digital IDs and other solutions that work in compliance with the new standard, or will deliver compliant solutions soon. They are experts in security and meet the most stringent requirements for pre-checking and securing identities, such as 'qualified' electronic signatures in the European eIDAS regulation. Adobe Sign gives you freedom of choice, so you can select the provider best suited to meet your own, unique compliance requirements.

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BankID - Norway

BankID is the most versatile electronic identification solution in Norway, with over 3.9M active users. Whether you are signing a purchase contract, placing a bid for a house or signing documents, with BankID you can always verify who you are using a security token or BankID on mobile.

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BankID - Sweden

BankID is the leading electronic identification in Sweden, with over 7.5M active users. Adobe Sign customers can easily get legally binding advanced electronic signatures from Swedish citizen using the BankID identity issued by their banks.

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Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd. (aka. BJCA)

BJCA is a trust service and information security solution provider established in China and one of the members in the Adobe root trust programs and Cloud Signature Consortium.
A pioneer in cloud-based certificates, BJCA offers CSC-compliant solutions that are used in e-Government, financial services, Medical informatization, and other types of business.

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Berlin-based D-TRUST GmbH is a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. D‑TRUST is one of the pioneers in the field of secure digital identities. The company has been listed with the German Federal Network Agency as a qualified trust service provider in accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation since 2016. The company issues qualified digital certificates for electronic signatures, seals and qualified remote signatures. It also offers other PKI products and services, such as its AusweisIDent service.

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QuoVadis is a leading EU and Swiss TSP, specializing in Qualified digital certificates and related services for Europe. Part of DigiCert, the world leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT and other PKI solutions, QuoVadis has operations in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Bermuda.



Digidentity is a global online identity verification company, specialised in the creation of Qualified and Advanced Identities through digital only onboarding. Combining intuitive usability with government-grade security, Digidentity’s innovative technology makes online identification easier, quicker, and more secure through identity services that are made available across the globe.

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Finnish Trust Network

Finance Finland (FFI) represents banks, insurers, finance houses, securities dealers, fund managers and financial employers. Our membership also includes providers of statutory insurance lines, which account for much of Finnish social security.

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GlobalSign, a leading Certificate Authority doing business around the world and one of the first members in the Adobe and Microsoft root trust programs, offers a highly scalable, cloud-based Digital Signing Service (DSS) that provides fully compliant, publicly trusted digital signatures with no hardware requirements.

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iDIN is a service offered by banks in the Netherlands allowing consumers to use their bank’s secure and reliable login methods to apply a legally-binding advanced electronic signature in Adobe Sign.

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InfoCert is the largest certificate authority in Europe and a leading provider of trust services, helping organizations in their digital interactions with customers/citizens in compliance with the eIDAS regulation at the highest trust level.

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Intesi Group is an Italian trust service and technology provider offering digital IDs for consumers, enterprises, and other trust service providers in compliance with the CSC and eIDAS standards. Since 2009, more than 10 million users have signed with its cloud service.

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itsme provides Belgian citizen with a unique, secure mobile identity. The itsme app offers everyone with a Belgian eID the ability to apply Qualified Electronic Signatures online and avoid paperwork by replacing the old fashioned handwritten signature.

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NemID is a common secure login on the Internet, whether you are doing your online banking, finding out information from the public authorities or engaging with one of the many businesses that use NemID.

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Seiko Solutions is a Japanese company with a proven track record in remote, cloud-based signature solutions, and certified time stamps. Seiko trust services are used by companies in financial services, distribution services, and other types of business.

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SimplySign by Asseco, a solution from Poland for mobile and desktop devices, is compliant with the CSC and eIDAS standards and available across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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Worldline provides eIDAS certified trust services for digital identity, digital signature, and digital preservation. Worldline is the European leader in cloud-based payment and transactional services with an emphasis on finance, the public sector, merchants, telco, and utilities.


Smart-ID is a mobile device based digital identity solution with more than 2.7 million users. It offers secure login into e-services and meets the requirements of Qualified Electronic Signature. eIDAS compliant Smart-ID is provided by SK ID Solutions and is free for end-users.

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Note: Adobe online services are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms and the Adobe Privacy Policy. Online services are not available in all countries or languages, may require user registration, and may be discontinued or modified in whole or in part without notice. Additional fees or subscription charges may apply.

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