Hiding Guided Navigation While Signing

The Adobe Acrobat Sign feature to hide the guided navigation during the signing process is available to the enterprise level of service

Feature description

By default, all recipients have a guided navigation that takes recipients to the next assigned field. 

Both the Start/Next arrow and the required field counter (at the top right of the window) jump the recipient to the next required field on the form.

By hiding the on-screen navigation, the recipient is compelled to scroll through the full text to discover the field placement, and cannot simply skip the content of the agreement.

When the navigation is removed, the Start/Next arrow is removed, and the required field counter at the top right only shows text indicating the number of remaining required fields, but does not act as a link to move the recipient to that field.


How it's used

For Senders, there is no additional work to do.  The setting controls all Agreements under the Account/Group.

Signers either experience guided navigation, or not, depending on how the setting is configured:

  • All (Default)- This setting enables guided navigation for All Recipients of the Agreement
  • Internal - The Internal setting enables guided navigation only for recipients that exist within your Acrobat Sign account.
    • Note that users in your Acrobat Sign account is different than users at your company.  For a user to be considered "internal", that user's email must be included as a User in your User list. The status of the user is not relevant.
  • External - Only external recipients have guided navigation.
    • External users include every email address that is not listed as a user in your Acrobat Sign account.
  • None - No recipients have guided navigation.

How to enable or disable

The Navigate recipients through form fields when filling and signing agreements feature is enabled by default for all recipients at the Account.

Account-level Admins can configure the setting by navigating to Account > Account Settings > Signature Preferences > Navigate recipients through form fields when filling and signing agreements

Group level settings are permitted and override the Account level values for that group.

Group-level settings are not currently in the UI, so if you would like to have group-level settings installed, contact Adobe Acrobat Sign Support.



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