Use masked fields to protect information

Ensure that you are keeping private customer information private by using masked fields.


Masked fields are used when you don’t want the recipient’s sensitive information exposed when someone views the document. All characters in a masked field display as asterisks on the completed PDF.

However, it’s important to note that masking field data does not hide the actual value on exported reports (provided as .csv files).

Configuring masked fields

  1. Select the Data fields tab (left hand side of the screen in the new Authoring environment)
  2. Drag and drop a Text field to place it where needed
  3. Double click the Text field to bring up the field properties
  4. Check the Masked field data checkbox
  5. (Optional) Select the type of validation (i.e date, social security number, phone, etc)
  6. Click OK to save the field properties

Repeat for as many fields as you need to mask

Mask Field


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