Transfer fields to a new library template

The ability to transfer field content to a new library document requires access to the advanced form mechanics available to team, business and enterprise service levels.

Transferring fields to a new version of a document

Occasionally you may find that you need to change the text of a document, but the fields that exist on the current template are fine.

Adobe Acrobat Sign can help take your existing library document, and save it as a form field overlay template. Then you can apply that field overlay to a newly uploaded document.

If the content in the file is structurally the same (or close) all you should then have to do is tweak the field placement so it all lines up as you expect, obviating the need to manually create all new fields.

This process in no way damages the existing library document, and if the field placement is identical to the previous template, the overlay should align very closely.

Edit the old template to save a field layer

To do this, you must be the owner of the original document.  If you are, then on your Manage tab you can find the Edit Template link in the right rail options

Click the Edit Template link to open the document in the Authoring environment.

Edit the template


1. Click the Template Properties drop-down in the right rail

2. Set the Template type to Both (The goal is to have a form field layer)

◘ It may be a good idea to change the name of the template to clearly identify it as the "old" version

◘ If the document version is critical, and the current template should no longer be used, it may be a good idea to set the WHO CAN USE value to Only Me

3. Save your changes at the bottom of the page (And remember the name of the template)

Create the new template

1. Upload your new file as a new template. Name it something unique to avoid version confusion.

2. When the document loads into the Authoring environment, check the document for any existing fields and delete them

◘ The assumption here is that your previous fields have all been formatted to your specifications, and the imported fields are not.

3. Open the Field Templates option in the upper-left corner of the window.

4. Select your form field layer template from the Field Templates drop-down menu, and click Apply.

The field layer will be applied to the new document.

5. Adjust any fields that need to be re-aligned

6. Save the new template


It is recommended that new templates be saved with an Only Me value in the WHO CAN USE section until you have thoroughly tested the document.

Test and Deploy

The new template will be immediately available in your Library.

It is recommended that you test the document by sending it to a friendly email address so you can observe the field behavior while filling in the form.

If you need to adjust any field placement or validation/behavior, you can do so by clicking the Edit Template link on the Manage page.

Edit the template

Once your new template passes your testing:

1. Click  Edit Template from the Manage page

2. Open the Template Properties

3. Change the WHO CAN USE value to either:

○  Any user in my group - Only Acrobat Sign users that are in the same group as the template creator will see the document in their library

►Team level accounts only have one group, so they will not see this option

○ Any user in my organization - All Acrobat Sign users in the whole account will see the document in their library

4. Save the template


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Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX
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Spalio 14–16 d. Miami Beach ir internetu

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Spalio 14–16 d. Miami Beach ir internetu