Share an account with another user

The Account Sharing feature is available to small business, business and enterprise service plans.

Overview of user content sharing

The default nature of Adobe Acrobat Sign is to secure a user’s content from all other users not explicitly invited to view or interact with that content.

Agreements implicitly include all the recipients.  Library documents are explicitly shared in the template properties.

However, there are roles in most organizations that require oversight of transactions without the observer being directly involved or groups of agents that need to have a general awareness of all transactions within their group.

User content sharing allows one user or group to share their content with any other user or group.

Two types of user content sharing are available:

  • Basic – User View Only
  • Advanced – Group and User View with Modify and Send optionally
    • When UserA shares their content to UserX:
    • Group Sharing is enabled
      • When UserA shares their content to GroupN:
        • All members of GroupN can view all the content on UserA’s Manage page
        • All members of GroupN have the authority that the share established (Send and/or Modify) for UserA
      • When GroupN is shared to UserA:
        • UserA can see all the content for all users in GroupN
        • UserA has the authority to Send and/or Modify agreements (as configured) for all members in GroupN

Advanced sharing is currently only available to enterprise-level accounts. Admins that would like to enable advanced sharing should submit a ticket to the support team.


Once an account is converted to advanced sharing, it may not be reverted to basic sharing. This is a one-way process.

To share your account once you have logged in, navigate to Profile Settings > Personal Preferences > Share My Account


Basic sharing is available to all small business, business, and enterprise packages.

  • Basic sharing has a limit of 100 “shared out” accounts and 100 “shared to me” accounts

Advanced sharing is available only to enterprise customers.

  • Advanced sharing has a default value of 500 accounts that can be “shared out” and 500 accounts that can be “shared to me”
    • If you need more than 500 shares either way, contact your success manager

Acrobat Pro for teams and all single-user plans do not support sharing a user's account.

User Interface

Basic sharing

Users under the basic sharing model can establish, review, and cancel their shares in their Personal Preferences section. All users (admins included) have the same experience.

There are two discrete pages, one for the inbound shares (View Other Accounts), and one for the outbound shares (Share my Account):

Basic sharing user interface

Users request shares by clicking the plus icon and entering an email for the user they want to establish the share with.

Basic sharing - request to view

After the share is requested, it exists in a “Pending” state until the requested user either accepts or declines the invitation.

Basic interface - pending requests

Advanced account sharing

Advanced account sharing is available to the enterprise tier of service only, and must be enabled by submitting a ticket to the support team.

When an account is converted to advanced sharing, the user interface changes from two discrete pages to one, tabbed page called Sharing Status:

Advanced sharing - nav to menu

The two tabs align to the two pages used under basic sharing rules:

  • My Account Shared With > Share My Account
  • Shared With Me > View Other Accounts

Users establish shares by clicking the plus icon, which opens a pop-up that allows the user to either enter an email address or select users or groups from a list of the current account user and group objects.

  • The arrow to the right of the group name expands the groups to list the users
  • The plus icon adds the user/group to the share request (in the top input field)
Advanced sharing - group sharing


After identifying the users/groups for the share, the requestor can then define the permissions they want to apply to the share (Send and/or Modify):


Account administrators have the authority to fully establish a share between their user and any other user within their Acrobat Sign account without approval.

Group administrators have the authority to fully establish a share between their user and any user within their group without approval.

Group admins that attempt to establish a share with a user or group outside of their group will create a “Pending” share.  The other user must explicitly approve (accept) the share request for the share to be established.

  • Requests to share with a Group generates email to the group administrator, who accepts or declines any pending shares.

Non-admin users can request a share (based on the configured controls) that remains “Pending” until the other party accepts or declines the share request.

Advanced sharing - pending request

Group sharing

Administrators (under advanced sharing rules) have the ability to share the group they are the admin of, and to manage the shares that are tied to the group (vs. their user).

Group sharing works mechanically the same as user shares, except the group is a larger container, and by sharing with a group, the user gains access to all content from all users in that group.

If a user is removed from the group, that user’s content is no longer in the group, so is no longer visible.

To access the Group level sharing as a group admin:

  • Log in to your Group Admin user
  • Navigate to Group > My User Group > Sharing Status
Navigate to Group Sharing status


A group can be shared with itself, causing all users in the group to have a full view of all other users in the group without having to define individual shares.

Account admins can manage the shares for all groups in the account and can fully establish shares between groups without requiring acceptance by another user.

To access group sharing as an account admin:

  • Navigate to Account > Groups > {Select the group you want to share}
Select a group

When the Group menu loads, click on Sharing Status

Gropup sharing - group sharing status

Additional controls to manage shares between accounts

The originator of a “Pending” share can resend the share request to the target user by:

  • Navigate to the share interface
  • Single click the share you want to resend
  • Click the Resend Share Request link
  • An email is automatically sent to the target user
Resend a share request

When a user requests a share, the target user (or group admin in the case of Groups) receives an email with a link to approve the share:

Accept or decline a share request email

Alternatively, a user can accept or decline a request in the application by:

  • Navigate to the sharing interface
  • Single click the pending request you want to accept or decline
  • Click Accept or Decline
Accept or decline a share request

Both sharing models allow either party to cancel a share at any time:

  • Navigate to their sharing interface
  • Single click the share you want to cancel
  • Click the Cancel Share link
Cancel a share

The permissions for an established share between users/groups can be modified by:

  • Navigate to the share interface
  • Single click the share you want to edit to expose the options at the top of the list
  • Click the Modify Permissions link
  • Edit the permissions
  • Click Save

There is a 30-minute delay between modifying share permissions and seeing the effect of those changes.

Modify sharing permissions

Viewing shared content

The content shared to your user is displayed on the Manage tab.

At the top-left of the manage page, you can see a drop-down arrow next to Your Agreements

  • Click the arrow to expose the list of users/groups that are shared to you
  • Select the user/group you want to view
  • There is also an option to select All Shared Agreements, which returns all shared content
Select the drop down arrow on your manage page

The page refreshes to show the Manage page content of the selected user/group:

Shared account header


The filters in the left rail (In Progress, Completed, Web Forms) filter the content just as they do when you are viewing your content.

Advanced sharing controls

Advanced sharing allows a user to modify the documents and fields on the agreements of a shared account (as long as the agreement is still eligible).

To modify an agreement:

  • Navigate to the Manage page
  • Change the view to the user that owns the agreement to be modified
  • Single click the agreement to select it
  • Expand the options to expose the options
  • Click the action you want to take:
Modify a shared agreement

Advanced sharing allows a user to send an agreement on behalf of a shared user.

This agreement is owned by the shared account as if the owner of the account sent it.

Only the history and audit log will indicate that the agreement was sent through the shared account by another user.

To send an agreement from a shared account:

  • Log in to your user
  • Click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Switch Account 
  • Pick the user you want to send on behalf of
    • Click OK
Advanced sharing - Switch accounts

The page refreshes to show a limited interface.

A banner at the top of the page indicates that you are in a shared account and identifies the user of that account.

On the right side of the banner is a link that returns you to your account.

  • Click the Send tab
  • Configure and send the agreement as normal
Switched to account

The Activity log of the agreement clearly states that the agreement was sent on behalf of the user:

Audit log when sending on behalf of another account


The administrative controls for user sharing can be found in Account Settings > Security Settings > Account Sharing

  • Sharing can be configured at the Account level, propagating the settings down to all Groups
  • Sharing can also be configured at the Group level, over-riding the inherited Account level values.

Basic sharing controls define if sharing is allowed, and the method by which sharing is initiated:

  • Do not allow account sharing – The interface for account sharing is removed from the user interface for the configured account/group.
  • Allow request to share account – Allows the users in the configured account/group to request to view the content of another user
  • Allow sharing own account – Allows the users in the configured account/group to share their account to another user
  • Both – The user can both request and offer sharing 
Charing controls in the admin menu

Advanced sharing enables an additional set of permissions:

  • With external accounts – When enabled, users will be able to share a view of their account content with users in other Acrobat Sign accounts.
    • Sharing to an external account establishes a read-only relationship.
  • With internal accounts – When enabled, users can share their content with other users in their (the same) Acrobat Sign account.
    • Enabling sharing with internal accounts permits two additional options:
      • Sending – Allows the “shared to” party to send new agreements on behalf of the sharing party.
        • The history and audit trail clearly indicate that the agreement was sent by the “shared to” party on behalf of the sharing party.
        • The agreement is owned and managed by the sharing party as if they had sent it themselves.
      • Modify existing transactions – Allows the “shared to” party to modify agreements in process.


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