You can choose to install and configure additional AEM Forms on JEE modules at a later stage. On configuring additional modules (For example, Output and Correspondence Management) at a later stage, AEM Forms configuration manager fails to connect to JVM and the installation is not successful.  


When you install and configure AEM Forms with a non-root account and run the underlying application server with root account to configure additional modules, the configuration manager can fail to connect to JVM.


To resolve the issue, use a fresh copy of the application server and re-configure the AEM Forms instance. General instructions to use fresh copy to reconfigure an AEM Forms instance are:

  1. Keep the application server in the home directory of the non-root user. You can also make a non-root user owner of the complete application server directory.

  2. Do not copy or update .ear files or configurations with root user account.

  3. Run application server with a non-root account.

  4. Install AEM Forms JEE in the home directory of the non-root user. Run AEM Forms on JEE installer and configuration manager with non-root user account permission.