In this page, you will learn how to configure and use an Adobe Campaign Classic instance with a MySQL 5.7 FDA account. You will also find some information on how to configure your MySQL 5.7 database for your Adobe Campaign features to work properly.


General configuration and usage of an external account are not described here. For more information on external accounts, refer to this page.

This document lists all systems and components supported for the latest build of Adobe Campaign Classic (v6.11 and v7). 


Server configuration

The server configuration does not require any specific installation steps. Adobe Campaign should work with a latin1 database, default on MySQL, or an unicode database.

Driver installation


Download mysql-apt-config.deb from

Install the client library:

$ dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_*_all.deb # choose mysql-5.7 in the configuration menu
$ apt update
$ apt install libmysqlclient20


Download the C connector from We recommend downloading version 5.7.

Make sure the directory that contains libmysqlclient.dll is added to the PATH environment variable that nlserver will use.


Download mysql57-community-release.noarch.rpm from

Install the client library:

$ yum install mysql57-community-release-el7-9.noarch.rpm
$ yum install mysql-community-libs

External account configuration

The external account configuration does not require any specific steps. Make sure the time zone and Use unicode data are set according to your database.


After following this tutorial, you should be able to have a fully working connection between your Campaign instance and your MySQL 5.7 database.
If it is not the case, please contact the Adobe Campaign support team.

For more information on how to access external data in Adobe Campaign, refer to this page.

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