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AEM Screens allows you to have digital experiences and interaction involving different types of screens in conjunction with a comprehensive content management solution.

AEM screens is an add-on to AEM Sites that enables marketers and IT to build and manage experiences on multiple digital screens that impact in-store/in-venue goals for building brand and driving demand. So it will either help influence brand perception and impact decisions that lead to uplift in purchases/engagement. AEM Screens is the solution to expand customer interactions and deliver unified and useful brand experiences into physical venues, such as stores and hotels – from the same AEM platform.


Screens requires some configuration steps. For more information see Deploying Screens.

For information about Screens authoring capabilities, see Authoring Screens.

For information about how to use the different consoles of Screens, see the Device Control Center documentation.

Screens Terminology


A display is a virtual grouping of screens that are usually positioned next to each other. The display is usually permanent in respect to an installation. This will be the object content authors will work with and always reference to as logical display rather than their physical counter part(s).


A device has the ability to run the player software to produce a visual output. It is able to control displaying a cropped, scaled, translated portion of common content or experience.
The screen configuration is bound to a display but can be replaced in case a technical defect occurs.


A screen is a physical monitor or any other system capable of producing visual output, that shows the content coming from its device.

Player Software

The player is the software running on a device that will allow you to show a channel on a display.

Sequence Channel

A Sequence Channel is a page that you can author containing components that will be show one by one in a slideshow.

Application Channel

An Application Channel shows an application created by a developer that displays interactive content.